Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions Print API

Print API (“Print API”) offers possibilities for implementation (the "API") on the website www.printapi.io, which offers access to information, code and other materials (the "API content"). The API contains both the REST API, and the Online Editor.

This agreement describes the terms and conditions under which the API is offered, how the API is to be used, and what your rights and obligations are when using the API and API content in your own products or services.

The Print API privacy policy applies to the API.

By accepting this agreement (the "Agreement") you declare that you have read the terms and conditions, as well as having read, understood, and accepted the referred documents.

1. License

Print API grants you a revocable, non-transferable license to use the API in agreement with the Agreement. This license, and the products and services you develop under this license do not constitute a restriction on further development, modification or termination of The API and API content.

2. Technical limitations

You may only use the API as outlined in our documentation. You are not entitled to interfere with the API and are obliged to implement appropriate technical measures to avoid the provision of harmful content to the API. Examples of harmful content are viruses, Trojan horses and other forms of malware.

3. Liability

Use of the API and API content is entirely at your own risk. Print API is not liable for indirect damage arising from your use, or inability to use, the API or API content. Examples of damage are loss of profit, loss of clientele, loss of data, and troubleshooting costs.

In the case of alcohol sales, the selling party (PrintAPI customer) is responsible for complying with the age limit from the order to delivery at the door.

Copyright / intellectual property

Print API accepts no responsibility for the content of data and imagery provided by you. We note that you are not allowed to multiply copyrighted materials for anything other than private use.

All source code, documentation, models, libraries, etc that Print API provides you with remain intellectual property of Print API, and are therefore not to be used for any other purpose than working with the API without written permission from Print API.


Print API offers no warranty for the safety, reliability, availability, or prestations of the API and API content. We do apply appropriate technical and organisational measures to safeguard these.

We do our best to print products in compliance with the customer's wishes. Reclamations are to be submitted within two weeks after deliverance of the order provided by the customer. When the complaint is ruled valid, the customer can claim a reprint of the order, or when that is not possible, provision of a similar product.

Print API expressly states that the the print quality can never be better than that of the files deliverd by you. Print API's liability therefore remains limited to pleaable manufactoring errors.

Unless stated otherwise, Print API sends all printed products within 5 work days of the placed order. The actual time of delivery depends on the country and shipment method. Delays in the time of delivery are no cause for compensation or cancellation of the order.


You indemnify Print API, our partners and employees against any third party claims relating to your use of the API or API content in violation of the Agreement.

4. Changes

API/API content

Using our reasonable judgement, Print API remains the right to change the API and/or API content without informing you prior to the change. Print API strives to safeguard the technical compatibility of the API with your products and services for at least six months, and to notify you within a reasonable term about technical changes to the API.


Print API remains the right, after notification of at least 4 weeks prior, to change the Agreement. By continuing your use of the API after a change in the Agreement, you confirm that you agree the change. If you do not accept the change, you are no longer allowed to use the API and are to stop your use of the API in agreement with the chapter "Term and termination".

5. Term and termination

The Agreement, including your license for the API, comes into effect when you accept The Agreement, and remains into effect as long as Print API offers the API, unless terminated earlier compliant with the conditions in this chapter.

Print API remains the right to terminate this agreement immediately and refuse your access to the API when you use the API or the API content in violation of the conditions in the Agreement. Using our reasonable judgement and after notification of at least four weeks prior, we remain the right to stop the API or API content partly or wholly or to refuse your access to the API.

You remain the right to terminate this Agreement at all time without a statement of reason and without cost. Such a termination will come into effect by discontinuing the use of the API and by notifying us per email at info@printapi.io.

6. Payouts/invoices

Print API reserves the right, in the case of payment method "Payment screen", to charge five euro administration costs, provided that an amount of less than five euros has to be paid. In addition to the absence of the payment, nothing will be charged. The invoicing and payment takes place once a month.

7. Disputes/applicable law

If and as far as an obligation or limitation of your rights determined in the Agreement conflicts with your rights as a consumer, these do not apply to you. Nothing in the Agreement is meant to exclude or restrict your rights as a consumer.

The Agreeement is subject to and drafted in compliance with the Dutch laws and regulations. Considering art. 100 of the Burgerlijke Rechtsvordering, all disputes will be settled by the competent court within the arrondissement of the location of Print API.